Say Hello To Mulberry Cookie Bayswater

I'ts my new bag obsession. It's very lady like, very Hérmes Birkin, but scalloped for the youth of today. Sorry, Birkin owners. But that's so old money. I want the black one, to be honest, but my rational color-infected Spring brain is saying "get the yellow!", which Mulberry is calling Ochre. Buy the fancy Ochre here, or if you're like me, get the brown one and the classic black
This picture up top is amazing, right? Like virtually test driving the bag. You can almost feel the suede interior. Eff that, OWN IT.  It comes in a cute mini size, which you can get here. 



  1. Really like the lace details on the bag, what a nice touch. I definitely think you should get the yellow one.

  2. I'm worried about the suede aspect of it. Sort of screams "you need to take care of me, lest you want a dirty Ochre bag."