Ringing in the New Year

2012 is going to be a great year, starting with a new addition to my jewelry box, thanks to Anjolee.

They generously offered me a chance to customize my own ring at anjolee.com and I gleefully accepted. I ended up choosing a the vintage beauty band in gold with millgrain edge detail because I was looking for something delicate and vintage-inspired. 

A couple days later I receive this beauty at my office and literally squealed with delight: it's the perfect, dainty, feminine, stacking ring I've been looking for.

Photos by Nick Smith

I'm definitely going to be checking out some more jewelry, starting with a  diamond wedding ring  Who says you need to be engaged to buy yourself a nice piece of jewelry? That's right, no one. But in case you plan on doing so in the future (congrats!) they offer a bridal set and anniversary rings as well.

I especially loved that you can specify every aspect of the ring, even the quality of the diamonds you decide to use.  If you sign up for the newsletter you get a bonus 5% off your order! This may seem small, but we're talking about diamonds, people. Anything counts.

Happy new year!

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