Color Blocking Doesn't Have To Try So Hard. You Can Use Black. It's Okay.

Sometimes you don't want to over think and outfit, and sometimes you literally don't have time to think about an outfit. This is why I'm always looking for dresses, shoes, and bags that mix and match in every way. The baseline in my outfits is black. Knowing this, I can use everything together, whenever.

Yea. It's great.

This outfit is just that. Simple, not overdone, and not trying to hard. The dress is Sonia Rykiel, and besides being insanely comfortable (as it is a knit), it's also incredibly flattering thanks to that slimming magenta running down the side. Perfect.

The bag? Oh, that's Kate Spade. It's a functional simple bag, nothing new here...except for the color. The coral color is not bright enough to be trendy, and can be used dressed up, down, with all black outfits as punch, or with jeans and a t-shirt. Nice.

Lastly, ugh! The beautiful suede Miu Miu pumps. I know what you're thinking, and yes, they do look like the YSL Palais pumps, except toned down. Practical, wearable,....NEW. The color is black, which means, duh, use it all the time.

And that's it. Have at it. Enjoy the sun, don't over think the clothes.

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