Body Paint Is The Unlikliest, Most Intriguing, Accessory For Spring
At Rodarte, the body paint was more tribal. It mimicked the shape of the shoes and it blended into a beautiful cacophony dresses. Unlikely to be seen on the street unless you follow the tattoo urges of frat boys everywhere and already have a tribal tattoo somewhere.
If you do, now's your chance to not look so stupid.
Wear Rodarte.
At Jean Paul Gaultier (the most disappointing fashion show ever!) the body paint was more literal LA- Cholo gangster. At least it gives women with once cool-ass face tattoos hope that they can be considered trendy. These women most likely have a companion lip and eyebrow tat.
P.S.: I heard somewhere that tattooing your face is looked upon by the government as legally insane. Which makes sense for this show.
The most inspired body paint was at Chanel.
It's not like most people could afford (with sane mind and conscious) some of the jewelery they sell at the boutique. This way, if you have a steady hand, you have a Chanel 2010 necklace. Or leg chain. If these were on tights (which is unclear from the photos), I'm SOLD.


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