You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch

 Black on black on black is not exactly a cheerful look for the holidays. But you know what? It's my comfort zone. My safety. A suit of armor when I'm feeling completely out of sorts. So I've devised a way to get away with wearing my black on black on black per usual without the dark and depressing misconceptions of the darkest of monochrome outfits by adding a little quirk via polka dots and Vivetta manicured hand collars. 

Some may ask, Why is this strategic layering even necessary, Olga? After all it's the holidays, poopy! The most wonderful time of the year. Smile!

Well, first. Appearances are essentially your personal branding, so I'm all for letting my clothes speak for cheerfulness where my personality can't. After all, I'm really stoked on seeing friends and family, but as I've previously covered in an earlier (kind of dark in retrospect) post, the thrill of shit is over. That high I once got at the mere site of the UPS dude dropping off some new box of clothes or whatever is dead. I suspect that era of my life is probably long gone and I'm really okay with it. Which is why I have such a beef with the holidays this year: the holidays continues to be more and more about the thrill of shit. I now see how crazy unappetizing holiday shopping can be because it turns regular wonderful people with good intentions (buying friends and family a little something to let them know you're thinking of them) and turns them into these massive stressed out shopping monsters that can only be tamed by overspending and crowding malls instead of spending time with each other. Call me the Grinch if you must, but a) that's highly unoriginal by 2014 standards, b) the Grinch is not even that bad of a character when you really investigate the personality of this Oscar the Grouchian person, and c) I suspect a lot of people are kind of over it and therefore Grinches as well. 

As a fashion blogger, I don't think this is particularly bleak to discuss. I've got plenty to be happy about, but in this forum where I pick what I want to talk about I want to talk about how there are more important things than buying literal stuff for people as a rule. Your people know you love them, so give them a hug and let that be enough. Spend some time! I know, I know, boring, but isn't that entire point of the holidays? All that travel? All the fuss? So ok, if you happen to find something that just has to be theirs with a pretty bow on it go for it! All I'm saying is why reserve this adorable loving gesture for the holidays? There are plenty of other places to get your fix of the New In #NewNewness, but at least here I'm going to talk about being a Grinch while wearing what's in your closet for a change and feeling good about it. 

Hopefully by the end of it all this year we'll all continue to be the well-intentioned humans capable of loving each other without a credit card statement.

Vivetta dress (worn underneath a WAYNE dress) *old
MANSUR GAVRIEL mini bucket bag
TARGET polka dot cardigan

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  1. you look cute, I love what you've done with the layering! I actually thought for a second that the dress you were wearing was valentino- they have a similar dress with a swan collar!