We Have To Go Back

EVERLANE shirt (medium), MADEWELL shorts (size 29), J.CREW hat

Listen, here is the truth: I have about 3 posts-worth of photos from my vacation in Colorado and Turks and Caicos. I am tempted to just dump them all now in some sort of vacation diary purge post, but I really think that would be undervaluing all the insane thought I put into my overpacking — not to mention you'd probably unfollow me in about 2-seconds and think, Gag, all she talks about is how much she travels and tans, barf. I'm like you, I get it, I read blogs and gag just like you sometimes. So when you least expect it I will be sprinkling them throughout the next couple weeks, k? Just when you think we have forgotten about my 10+ days in the sun, boom, it will hit you. That seems like fair warning to me. Deal?

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  1. looking forward to them! i have to upload 30+ pics worth of vegas up to my blog too :)