Final Answer: Rib & Hull

Rib & Hull Heirloom tote in Oxblood (c/o)

There are very few bags in my wardrobe that are able to pull the double-duty of work horse and travel buddy bag. Rib &Hull totes are just that. They literally take the everyday beating of taking them to work and hauling them around town with legit heavy things, like laptops, shoes with pointy heels, and lunch glassware. I know I've talked about perfect leather totes for daily use a lot lately, but hear me out one more time because I use these two totes 90% of the time.

So, backstory: A few weeks back Rib & Hull contacted me to check out their bags after a much talked about debate on my blog over my search for a high-quality leather tote. I had never heard of Rib & Hull before and decided to give two of their totes a try because I was an open minded shopper. I did eventually purchase the Everlane Portfolio Petra—and it's beautiful!— but honestly don't use it as often as I'd like to because it just scratches so easily with my commuting abuse from the East Bay to San Francisco. So enter Rib & Hull, providing me with two totes in two sizes and two colors to decide which one I liked best. After a week of literally using both daily (the Heirloom tote and the Heirloom carryall with the best invention ever, a freaking zipper) I emailed Alexandra (one of the founders of the company, and my contact at Rib & Hull) and basically told her I was in love with both. 

That's how much I love these totes. I fan-girled hard over them and I'm passing down this knowledge to you because I feel like I have the best combination of totes in my closet. Bottom line: for a work horse tote, that does everything you need it to, takes a beating and looks great. So go for it, put that heavy laptop in it, and don't be so precious when placing it on the floor for a moment to squeal-hug your friend at a bar. It can take it.