The All-Black Slouchy Lazy Suit

The minimalist shower shoe thing... I'm way into it. It's hard not to be because it's so damn easy to get up in the morning now. I just take a shower and put on some incredibly comfortable (but still well tailored, that is key!) all-black clothes, slick my hair back, and walk out the door with minimal makeup. It's like all of the things I've been searching for, like a carefree skincare and makeup routine and wardrobe of trustworthy feel-good items, all finally clicked into place. My point of view on my personal style is so clear, that I'm pretty sure I am going to sell anything that I haven't worn in over 6 months. Stay tuned. 

Note on this outfit: I don't wear these shower shoes to work, of course, I typically do some sort of mule instead to keep it dressy for clients — or Vans if I'm feeling ultra lazy. 

THEORY silk pants (medium), J. CREW jacket — on sale! (sz 4), MIU MIU sunglasses, ZARA sandals, REPOSSI silver berbere ring

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