Aveda Skincare for Dewy Skin

I'm just like you. I read beauty blogs constantly, inspect the "Top Shelf" interviews vigorously, and ultimately buy and try anything that sounds like it would work for me. This is not necessarily a bad tactic, but it sure as hell hasn't lead to any results and it has been quite expensive. So I took a step back and assessed what I knew worked for me: I know my skin is ten times better when I drink more water. Cool, so I do a lot of that. I know my skin likes when I get more sleep and can avoid drinking like a fish most times. Awesome, we try our best for that. Finally, my skin likes routine — like a cleanser, followed by a toner, then a serum, then a lotion -- even when I'm too tired, it must be done. That insane amount of product works on my needy skin to stop the patchy dry areas that pull on my face when I talk or smile. Turns out what works so great for my hair also works wonders for my face. I didn't even now Aveda had a skin care line, but their hair products are magic on my high maintenance hair follicles. So here I am swearing by their skincare, buying samples for my mom and recommending them to friends (even to Nick!). I can't explain why it works, but I do know it is plant based, which is fine by me. If you think this is a sponsored post, man I wish it was. I'm talking genuine recommendation here. If you're ready to try, go for the trial back in the box. It's $38 and it lasts forever

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