Nasty Gal / Palm Springs, CA

Nothing like 100+ degree heat to make you want to dress in the frumpiest, yet frilliest, of fabrics. NastyGal, why haven't I met your acquaintance before? This ruffly top is budget friendly and adorable. It works so well with my slouchy (read: lazy) two-sizes-too-large Zara jeans that please my eyes so, but offend Nick so actively. Also too, please note my newly blondish hair: the impossible achieved, courtesy of Travis from Spoke & Weal; A hair color genius that further cements that the entire Spoke & Weal team in San Francisco are not to be messed with. I loved my hair so much after my latest visit that I didn't even wash it for an entire 5 days —and 2 of those were pool days in Palm Springs with crazy ass heat and an enticing mid century modern scene that was my favorite David Hockney painting come to life. That's love. 

NASTY GAL top (medium), ZARA jeans (old, size 8), J. CREW sandals (size 8)

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