This or That: Céline Spring 2014 Jewelry or A Similar One and Your Rent Paid

The way I see it, you can spend about $1,000 on one piece of Céline Spring 2014 minimal earthy jewelry, or you can live within your means and buy a couple of gorgeous handmade pieces from Sew a Song on Etsy without breaking the bank. They have the same appeal, with the large chunky shapes and gemstones set in metal, but the price tags couldn't be more different. Sure, there are those people who'd rather die than wear a knock off, but let me tell you this now: Céline did not invent this style, so who cares if the label isn't embossed with a fancy brand name with an accent over the é. Here's what I think: I wouldn't feel the least bit bad about sporting one of these more affordable pieces to achieve the same look as Céline. I ain't made of money, and I'm willing to bet you aren't either. Plus, if you weren't wearing this type of jewelry before Céline rocked it down the runway, chances are it's just a flash in the pan trend for you and me both. Right? Right! So go ahead and browse guilt free. Tell me your favorites. I know what I want, but I'm waiting until my self-imposed buying dry period to snap up this one and this one.

Just in case you were wondering, other titles for this post included "Tickle Me Cheaper," "Céline on the Cheap," and  "This French-American Life." I think I made the right choice. Otherwise, you'd be browsing some other blog right now, getting conned into another pair of crazy ass 5" heels you don't need.
 Big shout out for Miss Moss for pointing my eyeballs in Sew a Song's direction. 


  1. Those necklaces are beautiful! Great find, thanks for sharing.