The Uniform

Fact: furry coats will save you time and make you feel good on "fat days." It's like a bathrobe that you wear in your house, except its perfectly acceptable to wear it out in the world. This outfit is a lazy one, made entirely of stretchy fabrics, an Everlane shirt for the peeping collar effect, and not much else. That leaves me feeling a little self conscious because of how body-conscious it all is. I don't like wearing overly tight things--draws too much attention, you know?To make me feel better lately, I've gotten in the habit of wearing what is essentially a body suit underneath voluminous sweaters and coats. The overall effect is pleasing to my eye, my holiday gut, and any bystander who gazes in my direction. It's what I like to call my woven fat suit that looks pretty good these days to both fashion and non-fashion people


  1. You do basics so well! You and your makeup are also always on point! Love!

    1. Thank you so much, Lani. Love your blog, too!