Fake It 'Til You Make It

photos by nicholas smith
I'm pretty much in the habit of faking it all lately. My shearling? Fake. My leather? Fake. It's more affordable this way. Also, I own a cat, and he enjoys kneading his invisible muffins when he's on my lap. (Haven't you seen my instagram feed?) Like I mentioned this weekend, I want to buy a nice pair of leather pants for next winter. I've tried my share of them, but ultimately end up returning them in a cold sweat, wondering when I became the kind of woman to spend $900+ tax on animal skin pants. Shoes, sure. I've been there before. But I keep those locked up in a box and in their dust bags, coming out only to wander the carpeted safety of my corporate workplace's office. Well, if I do eventually pull the trigger with the help of some amazing promo code and free shipping, I think they'd be like these from Current Elliott because they fit amazingly well around a pair of hips. In a sea of "OMG faves" these were my favorite so far. (I'd wear a size 26). I've tried these from Madewell (twice, in a size 26 which was enormous, and a 25, which fit bad) only to be disappointed by the awkwardness of the low-rise (When you have larger hips and a butt to boot, high-rise jeans and boy briefs are your BFF). I wanted those to work so badly, mostly because the price was a lot less than the usual suspects. But not for me. I'll have to try J Brand next, since it seems like they invented the material if we go by the "OMG fave" raves of other people. I'll report back. Your favorites are also welcome!
TOPSHOP coat  /  ZARA leggings (old, but similar to these) /  CONVERSE sneakers

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