Two Things: Rosé + Non-Resolutions

via decade diary.
Today is the official Back to Work day. Ugh. All I want is to curl up in bed again and continue to sleep this pseudo-cold, pseudo-laziness away while I watch some trash on TV. Alas, that is not reality. There are bills to pay and such, so I guess I'll go. I do have the beginning of a new proposition though (just don't call it Day One of my NYE resolutions): I will be holding off any purchases for the next two weeks and eating zero junk. (I am defining "junk" here as anything that comes in a processed package, bubbly drinks, and drinking during the week). Sure, two weeks sounds easy, but I have gotten into the nasty habit of spoiling myself with things and food, and that has to stop. So maybe join me? We'll be fiscally responsible adults together! And who knows, maybe at the end of these two weeks we'll be feeling a lot healthier too after cutting out all processed junk and eating past 9pm. 

Happy "Monday"!



  1. I, too, am going to try and cut out the booze during the week... at least for a couple of weeks... unless someone invites me to a happy hour I can't pass up... But no more opening the bottle of wine as soon as I get home!

    1. Totally agree! I just got home after a long day of work and my first instinct was: WHERE'S MY WINE GLASS.

      Stick with me ;) we'll do this!