Everlane Silk Staples

The pros: silk shirts are fancy. They make jeans feel fancy. They make me feel fancy. 
The cons: silk shirts are dry clean only.  Silk shirts are pricey. Silk shirts are dry clean only.
I consider a silk shirt in black and white a closet staple, so when I must purchase them again due to my penchant for being freaking filthy, I choose the cheapest yet most quality option. Enter Everlane.

I too used to be an Equipment shirt nut. They're from France! Just like the Coneheads! It's a nice brand, I'll agree with you. But with a shirt costing a minimum of $100, then we're talking a whole lot of consumer guilt about us over-spending again. Everlane is a little cheaper at $80 a piece, and the quality is just the same as Equipment. Prints though, are another story. If I want a cool printed silk shirt you're better off going back to Equipment for those, or hell, even Zara or Topshop. Just make sure you check the "Composition" tab on Zara  and Topshop to see that it is 100% Silk and not frizz-inducing polyester.

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  1. I have several Everlane silk shirts. The good news is you don't have to dry clean. They wash very well in cold, press with a cool iron and they are perfect. No nasty dry cleaning chemicals.

    1. Amazing! Thank you so much for letting me know :)