Jeans that Make Me Feel Like Some Botticelli Chick

AG JEANS legging ankle jeans and top (c/o AG Jeans) / ETOILE ISABEL MARANT coat / VANS slip ons / KATE SPADE bag

There is something magical in finding jeans that fit perfectly. This is absolutely a woman thing, men (if you're even here reading this). Why is it so hard to find great jeans? You'd think that after my last post on the subject this search for a repeat win would have been obvious — "just buy the same type as last time, Olga!" — but no. I ventured into the land of boyfriend jeans for months and came back a complete novice when it came to the perfect skinny fit. That is until AG Jeans caught wind of my deep admiration on their fit and kindly gifted me what is now my absolute favorite everyday-pair of jeans.

A favorite pair of jeans must achieve two important things: a) stretch to fit my butt perfectly without weird draping in the seams and closures, b) make me feel slim and confident. This is exactly what the legging ankle does. If I have 10 minutes to get dressed, these are what I reach for because just fit.  Also, I'm 5'3" and I love when an ankle jean keeps its promise about its length, too. I highly recommend these. Go get a euphoric high, pose in front of a beautiful bay waterfront and report back please. I promise you will not be disappointed. 


  1. i bought vans after i saw you wearing them. i like dem.