Truth in Advertising: ShoeMint Lynne Sandal

Here's the thing about ShoeMint: there's a real possibility/fear that I may be purchasing a mediocre quality product. It's a Shoe of the Month club of sorts, and that kind of shoe-buying consistency had kept me at bay for a long time — over a year since these "Chloe" platforms came into my closet, but not without accidentally  accumulating some credits into my old ShoeMint account. Typically, I like to get up close and personal with a product before purchase, or if that's not possible, I scan all possible images of the item in full zoom and practically stalk it for online reviews. Last resort: I get very acquainted with their return policy as an added level of buyer protection at my doorstep. It seems that all of this hullaballoo was in vain because when I pulled the trigger and cashed in my credits for the Lynne sandal, I realized I was all too careful. They are pretty much an ideal summer shoe, in that they walk the line between minimal, masculine, and feminine. My favorite touch are the ankle straps, especially when they're contrasted by the aggressive black leather strapped straight across the feet. I'm no fool, the $79 price for these sandals paid in credits is still $79 out of my wallet. I'm just here to tell you I have no regrets. Want them? Shop the Lynne here:


  1. Thanks for this--I loved the sandals when you posted them on Instagram, but was kind of turned off by the Shoemint tag. Glad others share this (unsubstantiated?) fear, and that you vouched for their quality. Love your blog.

    1. The quality is hit and miss in my experience, but the design is really consistent. I think with the Zaras of the world producing good quality shoes for under $100, Shoe Mint has upped their game lately.

      Thanks for reading, love.