In Which Tiny Sweaters, aka Crop Tops, Are Appropriate for Work

The thing about the 90s is that everyone was showing their belly just a little bit. The Gwenyth Paltrows and the Winona Ryders thrived as stylish celebrities with their nonchalant attitude and their tiny tops skimming their flat bellies. It's definitely a little showy, isn't it? The whole, look-at-my-abs aspect of it has kept me just a little bit shy growing up. Now, well into my late 20's I have a slightly more nonchalant attitude myself. Why hide and be shy now only to regret it later? Well, despite the fact that I work in a professional setting, I have pretty much resolved to try new things and make sartorial mistake because no matter how hard you try, in 15 years all the photos of you now are going to be a little bit dated-- a mix of "I can't believe I wore that and thought I was cool" and warm nostalgia because at least you tried it. Would I wear this to work? I certainly could. Let's just test drive it a couple more times on the weekend before busting this out in front of clients, though. Preferably In the woods.

ANTHROPOLOGIE sunnies / J. CREW necklace / J. CREW No. 2 Pencil Skirt / ZARA heels / ANTHROPOLOGIE sweater

Do you want to try it? Start with a No. 2 Pencil:


  1. Unless you are in an extremely informal line of work, perhaps a very creative field, this would never be appropriate at work. Even as an artist or other creative type, I think you risk not being taken seriously if you wear something like a crop top.

    1. I think if the sweater hits just above pencil skirt we're more in line with office appropriate attire. This fun sweater though is probably only weekend safe only. Thanks for your comment!

  2. I totally agree with your comments. But the look still looks amazing, very sexy. :-)

    Frieda for