Handsome Oxford, Work & Play Clothes

Photos by Nick Smith

You have to love a store with a mission: vintage goods, made in the USA. Handsome Oxford opened a couple weeks ago and it's primed to be a one-stop shop for city men everywhere. It's got a tightly edited atmosphere, with charming tins and memorabilia decorating every nook and crany. It's a basecamp for weekend hikers looking to stock up on their authentic wears.  In short: it's a man's store.

Try finding something you don't like in Handsome Oxford, that's the great thing about this little shop —and I'm a woman. It's catered to plaid wearing, hip-hop listening, urban professional, manly men, which is practically every man in Northern California. Stop by and get your man something nice:

Handsome Oxford
646 Hyde St. 
San Francisco, CA 94109

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