This Is Everything

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I never knew I'd be able to look at photos of someone else's wedding and suddenly just know of what I want it to be like. These photos are everything. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the dress is custom Givenchy inspired by the Couture archives, and on top of that (!), it can never be wrong to be holding it at Danielle Steele's palacial house in San Francisco. But if you keep all the special touches, like the pergola draped in spanish moss and jasmine, and keep decorations to a minimum, instead relying on beautiful architecture, it doesn't seem all that intimidating to achieve. I am drawn to how it just looks like its the most casual, beautiful day where everyone you love comes together dressed up to witness and celebrate something special. It's like The Great Gatsby on a sober day. People wearing what looks great on them, regardless of the color. What's more, it's not overly feminine, it's totally made for man and woman. I'm thinking on a smaller scale — less people, way less people —this is everything I want for me. For us.

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  1. this really is everything, this scaled down, just the two of you lovebirds, would be perfection, really.