Tiger Beat

Hard and soft, young and bold. The combination of Theory leather skinny pants and all its bold implications are perfectly countered by the youthful charm of a Mulberry sweater. Covered up á la French with an Étoile Isabel Marant Diego wool coat, and topped off with some luxuriously leopard J. Crew half calf ballet flats. The YSL structured bag is completely revamped in a punchy green, which is surprisingly versatile, but (admittedly) not as fun as the blue one. Which is on wait list. Sad.

I'm personally going after that Diego wool coat because I felt so bummed after missing out on the perfectly wool draped, oversized French appeal of Isabel Marant's outerwear last Fall. Not this time! And let it be known that J. Crew ballet flats are the best. Period. I have a pair of patent leather Mary Janes that are about 5 years old and still an everyday staple.

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  1. Really cute sweater and what a fantastic bag.