Guns + Roses

Admittedly, the leather pants is not a great idea if you live anywhere hot & humid. Which means that if you're not in the Bay Area, excuse the pants portion of this outfit, and just imagine in your head they are something more practical like these shorts. (If you are content to remain impractical in your warm weather habitat then feel free to ponder these leather shorts).

Getting dressed in the Bay Area, in the summer no less, has confusing questions such as: What will the weather be like today? Will it actually be hot? What kind of bag do I need to carry my flat shoes and my sweater?

Well, behold Bay Area women, this is your answer. You nip this in the bud and come to terms with the nonsensical weather and dress like it's pre-fall all the time. If the weather actually spikes above 70 in San Francisco, then feel free to remove your sweater to expose your pale skin under a tasteful sleeveless top (with SPF!) to the sun.

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Marc Jacobs resort sweater, Joseph stretch leather leggings, Proenza Schouler PS1 large suede bag,  Thierry Lasry Excity round-frame mesh-effect acetate sunglassesChristian Louboutin Chiarana 100 cutout leather pumpsSplendid cotton tank

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