Two Things: Style Pros

Will just look at these two exemplary displays of styling? On the left: a ladylike blazer is contrasted by the intrinsic casual nature of a well-worn tee. The LV bad is an immediate luxe touch, and it works so well with a pair of toothpick distressed denim. My favorite touch, though, are the Modern Vice summer Jett in a cherry red. They are divine and I want them.

On the right: a more moody color palette is at play, almost masculine. The Isabel Marant parka is in the same hue as the relaxed way-unbuttoned shirt, revealing a delicately layered necklace. The pants are no-fuss and are hastily tucked into my favorite shoes of the moment, the Balenciaga cut out boots. The slicked back hair and total lack of purse makes this seem completely effortless and almost too  cool.

Which to you prefer? I'm torn. I really am.

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