Sworn to Fun, Loyal to None

I recently discovered the tao of Zoe Karssen and her graphic tees. Yes, graphic t-shirts. As in the ones from junior high that haven't been in my closet for years. Vintage band t-shirts, gym shirts....witty sayings. But this, this I like. I think I'll make it my new mantra: sworn to fun, loyal to none.

Amazing. Simple.

In all reality, I'm a 100% subscriber of Conan's "Work hard and be kind" mantra, but sometimes the industry you're in doesn't play by these same rules. So I'll subscribe to Conan's way of doing things and wear something a little more selfish, liberating, awesome to get by

I'm putting on this  Zoe Karssen tee with a fantastically textured jacquard Acne pencil skirt and coordinating Yves Saint Laurent cap toe pumps. Piling on the Eddie Borgo cone bracelets with pavĂ© crystals and a gunmetal and turquoise necklace, and finishing the look off with minimalistic pyramid studs by Anita Ko, who is another absolute favorite of mine.

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