The Essentials: A Shift Dress, A Well Fitted Bra, and Patent Leather Loafers in a Romantic Blush.


It doesn't get any more comfortable and chic than a shift dress. You can layer it up or down, with collars, or long sleeves, or tights or what-ever. This one by Mason by Michelle Mason has a touch of luxury with the addition of black leather around the neckline, giving it a modern edge. Keep it bright by pairing it with J. Crew patent leather loafers in a blush color, and keep it quirky by layering trouser socks in a light plum color.

Why the VPL bra? Because a) it's gorgeous, b) the fit is comfortable and c) you walk a little different when the undergarments are as fantastic looking as you look on the outside.

Final touch? A delicate circle diamond ring by Jennifer Meyer. Honestly, this woman makes delicate rings for reasonable prices. When you're talking about diamonds, that is.

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