Now Your Laptop & iPad Can Be A Philophile, too. Feauring Capulet London Luxury Leather Cases

It's always a problem: You put so much effort into making your work outfit perfect, but then reality strikes when you realize you need to carry your laptop, your Kindle, your iPad,on top of everything.

What's worse, the cases are probably either downright hideous and just scream "FRY'S ELECTRONICS."

Panic not, people. We have the solution, or at least I do: Capulet London.
They make leather cases that actually make you want to use them WITHOUT the gadgets. Especially the little ones.
The prices are up there, but these are meant to be loved. Think of them less as technology covers, and more of a fashion accessory. Then you realize that a Céline clutch or any other designer leather envelope clutch costs thousands, is probably sold out, and isn't made specifically to hold and care for your precious social media gadgets.
I'm getting 2: the 13" Laptop case for my future Mac Book, and a Kindle clutch...because even though I don't have a reader, I want it as an envelope clutch.


  1. I just ordered this for my iPad2:

    Makes your iPad look like a Moleskine notebook, which is nostalgic for me because I used to carry one around before the days of smartphones and iPads.

  2. LOVE THIS! great post lady. as always

  3. thanks, isabelle! aren't they great?

  4. Great post! Keep it up the good work.