Just When You Think It Was Safe Not To Be Completely Jealous Of Hanneli Mustaparta, She Goes & Wears This Outfit For Vogue

She wears an absolutely adorable Stella McCartney floral swing coat, with the cheeky spring floral print that I'm dying for. Hanneli also pairs a kelly green Tory Burch flap bag with a comedically miniature cerulean Miu Miu key chain (which she uses as an actual purse, believe it or not), and perhaps most unbelievably: pairs this adorable outfit with funky blue suede chunky Office shoes and CVS Pharmacy socks.

You read that right: CVS pharmacy. Socks. The kind you find in the way back of the store while you pick up your prescriptions. I thought those only came in handy for wearing around the house, in a pinch while you're traveling, or in general for anything BUT wearing on your feet.

Somehow, this pushes me over the edge, and makes me all the more obsessed (and insanely jealous) of Hanneli's style.

Check out the rest of her style, as profiled by vogue.com here.

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  1. I completely adore that swing coat! She looks effortlessly chic!