The 10 Most Important Things In My Closet
My friend asked me what I would consider to be fashion essentials to spend her hard earned money on, and I was immediately excited and intrigued by how difficult it was identifying the sole items in my closet that I would consider indispensable. These are my essentials: the list of items I've identified through trial and error to be the first things i'd buy if I were to start from scratch because they go with any thing I could possible wear.
Before deciding on these though, you have to ask yourself what your personal style is. Mine are based on the fact that;
A) i almost NEVER wear pants. Seriously, EVER. I wear skirts and dresses almost exclusively, but the 2 below are worth noting because they're the only ones I do wear.
B) Despite my love for very high heels and dresses, and the fact that I have a lot of each, it took me forever to identify the only few special OTHER items.
C) My style is classic, feminine with an edge
So! Knowing that my essentials, and ones i'd recommend to anyone like me, are:

1. A great pair of flats. For me, that means j.crew and bloch because they are the most comfortable, long lasting flats ive ever purchased. ever. They are the no-brainer shoes that go with anything. No thinking required, just put them on. They will work with whatever you're wearing.

Bloch Luxury flat $190, J.Crew abbey cap toe flats $128

2. I dont wear jeans, but i do wear trousers. My splurge was this great pair of tapered Theory pants. they are just classic shaped, very flattering to humans with hips. There are less expensive options, but the drape and tailoring from Theory are perfect as is -- a truly RARE thing.

Theory Tapered trousers $365.

3. I wear blazers all the time, probably because it's so easy to dress up a very plain outfit with a really nicely tailored jacket. Mine is tuxedo style and cropped, also from Theory, because their tailoring is insane and make you look super sharp even if you're wearing leggings and a t shirt (which i do wear...often)

Theory Bretta tuxedo jacket $365

4. A jean jacket is next on my list of essentials because one nice jacket will last forever. Literally, you'll die first before wearing this out. I like the non-stretch kind, none of that stretch nonsense. I layer it over everything; over dresses, black trousers, leggings, under my tux jacket. I got mine at J.Crew because it was distressed, lighter jean, and on sale.

$78 Nolita denim jacket,

5. A chain bag. Why? Because it makes everything look dressy. Which is important to me because I don't wear jeans. Just make sure the chain is long enough to be cross body. It looks cooler when you have the option to wear a purse cross body.

Kate Spade Gold Coast Lauralee, $265, kate spade stores
6. I know it may seem silly to include earrings in an essentials list, but details matter. These are my favorite because they reflect light, and they look understated and manage to pull my plain outfits together at the same time.
Kate Spade New York Glass Studs, $55
7. Literally one of the few pants I own. The quality is crazy, because the jeans don't feel like jean material, it's more velvety and flocked, which makes it JET BLACK. These never fade on me, and their stretch never goes away.
Perfect pair, super comfortable and look great with almost anything.
J Brand 12" Low Rise Pencil Straight leg stretch pants, $160
8. Short high quality leather ankle boots. They keep things from getting proper and look great with pants, leggings, tights, skirts, dresses, WHATEVER.
Florentini + Baker Buckle Boots, $565
9. Outwear is important too. I bought a peacoat like this from Burberry in black a couple years ago and I figure I use it 40% of the year. Every year.
Burberry wool cashmere short peacoat, $565
10. Scarves are like comfort blankets to me, because they finish off any look and make more casual. Besides being functional in chilly weather, obviously, the fringe gives an otherwise plain look texture.
Nordstrom Rack cashmere fringe scarf, $50
Of course I have other things in my closet, dresses, tops, t shirts, etc. But none of the above are duplicated nor do I own 2 pairs or styles of any of them.


  1. Kate Spade studs are super cute. Thanks for sharing all of these. I like your blog.

    Happy Friday,

  2. These are awesome things; I want a Burberry peacoat asap. BUT ... if you only wear skirts & dresses, why are there none on your list? ? ? ?

  3. Leanne--
    I always post about what skirts and dresses I'd like to wear, and shoes for that matter, so I decided to leave them out because then the post would be INSANELY long.

    I was thinking about making another one in the future that has something like that, but i'm having a hard time thinking of how to make that a short post.

    I guess my blog is a testament to all the other types of clothes I wear.

  4. I loved reading your list. And now I really want those Kate Spade earrings. They look so versatile.

  5. O: Your fans won't mind a long post. :) Also, I see all these skirts/dresses you WANT but that doesn't tell me what's IN YOUR CLOSET. You know? Secrets! Spill them! xo Leanne