Rodarte Boots Do Not Make Miley Cyrus A Hooker

So Miley Cyrus is getting a lot of shit for posing with thigh high leather boots — that some idiots are calling hooker boots — and reclining with her bed-head hair on a table.

They're not hooker boots, ignorant bloggers. They're Rodarte, Ok?

It's fashion, people. The dress is Prada. The boots are fabulous.
And P.S., Thigh-high boots are the new leggings.
See, Rodarte, Stella McCartney, Prada, Hussein Chalayan, among others.

How about everyone lighten up. It's just fashion. She's still 16.

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  1. I can't believe all this shit she's been gettin for what the stylists put her in. The boots look great on her (though i personally prefer the grey Rodartes)! I'm glad they dressed her in more high fashioned garments than the whole 'teen vogue' demure and innocent looks.

    I'm a bit disapointed they didn't put her in Balmain, she would have looked great in a peaked shouldered blazer.


  2. getting*
    Excuse my spelling mistakes I'm typing on my phone.