Slouchy But Fun, You Know?

RIB & HULL zippered tote (c/o), THEORY trousers (size 4), ZARA mules (38), ZARA cardigan (one size), LISA PERRY dress (size 4, worn as a top)

If you scroll real fast you'll be able to notice the slight differences in skin tone. Blame my radioactive skin on a freshly acquired tan from my last summer vacation outings and the fact that when these photos were taken it was a sunny day with occasional clouds changing the light every second. TMI? Sorry. 

I meant to say, like, this is a comfortable work outfit that I'd totally wear in front of a client. It's got the slouchy layers so I'm focused on the work and not how my outfit is fitting, and it has a key component that is crucial to regulation of my body temperature in cold air conditioned corporate climates, a slouchy cardigan.

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  1. totally getting a business/casual vibe from this outfit! love it.