SOL SANA slip ons (c/o), MADEWELL overalls (small), MANSUR GAVRIEL mini bucket bag, MADEWELL cardigan (medium), EVERLANE tank (medium)

Just a little check in from Colorado. This outfit is probably all I should have packed, but instead I packed 2.5 bags, like and idiot. I swore overalls were out of my closet since I last tried them in leather (yikes!), but these proved to be too comfortable to pass up. I legit bought them on an impulse trip to Madewell during my lunch hour.  Now I wear them all the time. Why? Because since I bought them I've been on vacation, and as far as I'm concerned I can do and wear whatever the hell I want and make huge fashion mistakes. So we shall see how useful these comfortable puppies really are when I get home this weekend. 

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  1. love the outfit! definitely seeing the grayscale and minimal attitudes here.