Tan Lines, Dry Heat and Returns

Having the first 80-degree weekend in the Bay Area was a great excuse to show some leg and bust out the shoulder-baring Wayne dress I love. Despite all the skin, my body is overworked these days what with all the 60+ hours at work (currently showing all over my face, ugh!), and I am terribly out of shape after a painful neck sprain a couple weeks back. (Note to self: find a new pose). So anytime I find something in my closet that makes me feel remotely on my game, or even pretty on the really tired days, is good enough lately. 

I think I have to detox (aka cut out the alcohol again), work out in the mornings before work, and return that Mansur Gavriel impulse buy. (Thank you all for your input! The verdict is that it's a gorgeous bag, but ultimately not meant for my all-black preferences.)  


  1. I might be interested in buying the Mansur Gavriel bag from you! Let me know. My email is caelashops (at) gmail (dot) com.


    x Micaela

    1. Aw, Micaela. I'm sorry. I returned it.
      Next impulse buy that is a hard-to-get item like the MG bag and I'll offer it up to my readers first before returning.

      Sorry, darlin'.