Shower Shoes on the Weekends Are Okay In My Mind

EVERLANE shirt  /  KAREN WALKER sunglasses  /  THEORY pants  /  ZARA sandals (and these) (and these)

I don't entirely advocate the use of "fashionable" shower shoes for actual work settings, but I do highly recommend them for the weekend. Can you imagine me waltzing into a meeting with these mannish feet? It makes me legit "LOL" at the thought. I'm pretty sure I'd get a call from my boss in two seconds with questions like a) How did you hurt your feet? b) Are you prepping/recovering for bunion surgery? c) How much longer do you have to wear these orthopedic shoes? d) Can you WFH?

Shower shoes are definitely like overalls: wear them in a private circle of trust, lest you want your reputation to be a trend chaser in the office, or in the case of the overalls a toddler. I bought these Zara Birkenstock-esque shoes because a) I was going on vacation, b) I cannot resist a trend that advocates such blatant comfort over aesthetics (I am human, after all), c) I was on vacation. I guess I liked experimenting with them in a non-vacation setting, too, but I definitely think people need to wear them responsibly. 

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