Weekend Muse: The Almighty Heidi Braids

To get pretty Heidi braids you need dirty hair. This is a wonderful fact of life when your hair is actually dirty and you're in a hurry. But what about when you want a messy Heidi braid like the beautiful one above when your hair is squeeky clean? Well, I like to moisturize my hair, then mess it up with some beach spray or styling wax. Trust me, you will want to put this on damp hair then dry it. Otherwise, you're going to wish your hair was wet when you're accidentally pulling out strands of hair stuck on your sticky product. If you still managed to forget to put the texturizer when your hair was damp, no worries, I do too. You get some product in your wet hands and swish it around, then apply as normal. You can blow dry your hair at this point, or air dry, and notice the hair will feel dry and a little crunchy. This is normal and in fact necessary. It makes the hair in the braids easier to stay put without so many bobby pins or spray. Now, braid your hair! Finish it with some light hair spray and you're done. 
Here are some of my faves:

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