Jeans with an Inner Thigh Swaddle Effect

AG JEANS legging ankle jeans and top (c/o AG Jeans) / ETOILE ISABEL MARANT coat / VANS slip ons / KATE SPADE bag

One final note on the the ideal denim legging fit (consider this a photographic dump of knowledge on what I deem to be the Perfect Fit): There has to be the right balance of thick cotton fabric and stretch. These two things come together perfectly every now and then and have a good sense of compression and flexibility. What good is a pair of denim pants that are thin enough to reveal the very seams of the pockets? I mean, why even bother with such self conscious pants? Having to wear a thong with denim isn't my idea of comfort — not judging, I have some friends that find this comfortable, it just ain't for me. But why is compression important? Well, it's that hold that hugs your booty just so, and prevents the pooling of fabric at the small of your back, yet remains just flexible enough to be comfortable whe you sit. It's also the hold that comfortably keeps the thighs compressed. Like bike shorts compressed. Read: spandex. Does wanting a little bit of inner-thigh separation make me a bad person? No. I know for a fact all women want this (if there are any men reading this now, then God bless you, and just know these two things are key to women and pants). Women, I'm not advocating a full inner-thigh clearance here, but I am telling you that when you have jeans that give you a swaddle effect on your more self conscious leg parts, you tend to feel a little more sexy. 

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