Happly Halloween

I'm dressing up as the original Valentino Fall 2013 muse, Wednesday Addams. Partly because I own 99% of the necessary items to create a Wednesday Addams outfit — a collar and a black dress — and partly because I am still a super-fan of Cristina Ricci's lack of enthusiasm and dead-pan delivery on every line in the Addams Family movie.

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  1. The Adams Family is inspiration for LIFE! ha. Since I can remember, my family (mostly my dad) has been obsessed with the Adams family and has passed on that enthusiasm to his kids. I hate to admit, but yes, my brother and I can recite all the lines to Adams Family Values. I was Wednesday a couple years ago and my brother was a version of Pugsley that included an orange prison-like jumpsuit (still trying to figure it out). Wednesday's dead-pan delivery is stellar. Thanks for bringing up these awesome characters and sharing :).