A Different Tune

 "There has to be different ways to style this white Zara skort", I thought. Sure, it looks great with a laid back tee, but I would hate for this little piece of clothing to be boxed into such a predictable combination. Which is why I feel like I struck gold when I needed a more interesting under-thing for this long lacy top. It solved two problems; 1) the skort covered up my bottom half and provided this lady with some angular interest to an otherwise frilly sheer tunic, and 2) covered up the skort part of the equation. I think we can all agree "skirt" part in the front looks divine, flattering to most body shapes even, while the back is a straight up mini short — in white. I'd like to say this solution is darling, which is why pairing it with a pair of jet black Balenciaga cut out boots made so much sense to me. 

1 comment:

  1. Love the white femme ensemble. So perfectly on time for a great spring!