Two California Coats

Finding it necessary to layer a parka with an exaggerated furry hood under a knee-length winter coat during my last trip in New York. Luckily it wasn't snowing, otherwise I would have felt compelled to bust out the puffy parka, if only just for comfort. It became brutally clear that my California "coats" were poorly inadequate for the New York chill. Thus, I theorize that two California Coats are necessary for the east coast. There's nothing new in this outfit, it's composed of 99% old things. Minus that tote, of course, which was purchased to carry around the Canon and its nice lens. I'm pretty proud of the other 99% though, having suppressed the need to purchase new things is a real achievement sometimes, especially when I've been in the habit of indulging my wants too often. The Zara parka is a lightweight jacket that only looks like it's made for freezing temperatures, and that long coat is from when I was 16 — a birthday gift from my dad. And for the record, this is my red eye outfit. I've marked that day in the history books as one of the only times I have not worn a sportsy-pajama like item. On the top at least, because those pants are totally made out of jersey material.

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