Daylight Savings

Well look who decided to come out at 6am. It's the sun! I'm one of those people who refuse to get up in the morning if it's still dark. No work outs, no meetings, just sleep. These are known as the fat, lazy months when I convince myself into thinking that more daylight time on the backend of a day (the evening) means that I'll go work out instead of going to a happy hour with my friends. Now that the sun is out I mean business — obviously. I bought this sweater for it's instant sunny appeal, ironically one dark morning perusing the "What's New" section of Shopbop. I bought it mostly because I love the way it works with an all black ensemble — less goth, more holiday cheery—and mostly because I know that Shopbop can send this to me by the end of the week, coming close to what is known as "instant gratification" (Or to an addict: "A fix").

Photos by Nick Smith

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