An Argument for the Return Of the Turtleneck As Layer

Before Steve Jobs got his hands on the mock neck (the only appropriate male turtleneck, in my opinion) and made it an icon of Silicon Valley, turtlenecks were epitome of chic, thanks to the likes of gamine Audrey Hepburn, sexy icon Marilyn Monroe, and classic Jackie O. Childhood memories were filled with my mom wearing turtlenecks, and even sometimes layering a slim one underneath dresses, cardigans or sweaters, evoking those classic silhouettes of classically stylish ladies. I swiftly followed her lead, because I at 7 years old could dress myself, thank you very much. Instead of going classic with black, I took a more experimental (and detrimental?) route with a cacophonous color palette of purple and kelly green to a kids birthday party. I was the life of the kid's party, for sure, but it was probably because they confused me for a young freelancer child clown for their entertainment. Nowadays I stick to classic black.

What a surprise, then, to find Rag & Bone successfully utilizing the turtleneck not in the chic execution of the aforementioned stylish ladies, but as a layer in the Fall 2012 collection. I was immediately inspired to try it again. I'm a big girl now, and there's now way I can be mistaken for a clown-in-training with a classic Calvin Klein fitted turtleneck tee layered under a super chic Rag & Bone Rani wrap dress. The wrap effect creates a sexy silhouette, keeping the look from being too prudish, and the addition of sleek patent leather Givenchy ankle boots and an Alexander Wang Pelican bag keep the look entirely modern and now.

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