The Most Simple Pleasures

Zara bleached and studded shorts, Target top, Anthropologie sunglasses, All Saints straw fedora

Even cloudy days are seen as perfect here in Turks and Caicos' Grace Bay. It's a welcome break from the harsh July summer sun and it seems to give every picture a sleepy quality. The ocean takes on a particularly cyan hue and the super fine sand becomes a more muted white that's easier on the eyes. I'm enjoying taking a prolonged mental break to soak it all in; forgetting my cell phone in my room and leaving the internet behind for the majority of the day. I'm most happy to find that I'm completely enamored in my less spendy purchases here, like this Target top. It's perfectly voluminous with soft layers of cotton, in an adjustable shape that is hard to resist in this hot humid weather. It happens to be my favorite while I'm out here, which is a welcome surprise when I brought a suitcase full of competing clothing options from the likes of Carven and Kenzo. It's a subtle lesson from the universe to stay grounded and remember that the greatest pleasures can also be the most simple.

Photos by Nick Smith