This Whimsical and Happy Outfit Will Be Useful To Nobody, Unless You are In Turks and Caicos or Somewhere Equally Fanastic.

The reality is that I am not anywhere remotely close to Turks and Caicos, but if I was there I'd like to think I'd be in such a celebratory mood to wear a fine knit sweater like Meadham Kirchhoff's lamb short-sleeve one near the sand and water. I probably wont, you know, it's too hot. But let's stay there in that happy dream where we live like an editorial and wear expensive items where we shouldn't. Where we wear clean blue knits with whimsical frolicking lamb embellishments and pair them with plantation print bikinis by Jets by Jessika Allen. The print reminds me of Altuzarra. Which I love and am obsessed with. The Gucci sandals are suede, so be a grown up and take care of those because they are beautiful. The Miu Miu glasses just plain fun. We will ask ourselves why we didn't bring the glittered ones instead of the fun tortoise shell sunglasses, and just spend entire minutes pondering this life decision. Because you can. Because you're on the beach. 

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