Oscar Best Dressed? Hands Down It Was Zoe Saldana in Givenchy Couture

The dress fit her perfectly and complimented her so well. It was the stand out from last night. It was nice to see someone wearing a piece from this Givenchy Couture collection since it was dark and romantic. It was a plus that Zoe Saldana carried it so well, since it is a lot of dress.

I don't really care what E! or mainstream magazines, or local newspapers, or the television fashion police say, this girl was best dressed. They can poo poo the dress, say it "ain't no J Lo." Whatever. It was my favorite.

(Images: Style.com, the fashionspot)

You can't see Zoe's shoes in those shots above, but she wore the runway purple t-straps, which means this girl has got some major fashion connections to nail down the finale look head to toe.