Urban Resort

You know when it's hot as hell outside, and it's the weekend, and you want to go a little wild with your typical weekend casual outfit but don't necessarily think cutoff shorts are appropriate for you anymore? This is an outfit for that exact scenario. I don't hate on cut off shorts and the leggy women who can pull them off at this advanced age (relax it's a joke, #jk47) but I always feel so uncomfortable and self-conscious in them. Unless I'm on an island and it's 90+ outside, then forget it, I'm wearing cut off shorts. But I'm not on an island, I'm in the Bay Area, and the slightest bit of sun means that there's a massive chill factor waiting for you in the shadows somewhere, so you have to be strategic with your skin. 

But Olga, why are you so wrinkled...and have you heard of a lint roller? What a great question, inner-monologue! I have heard of a lint roller but did you know that lint lives inside the sleeves of your sweater and that is a complete pain to remember to lint roll as well? Story of my life, guys. Also too, wrinkles happen when it's hot outside and you sit in a car running errands to Ikea then find a good location where one or two photos can be taken of what you're wearing. I'm showing you real life, people. 

COS top
THEORY pants
NEWBARK sandals (run narrow, size 1/2 up0


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