Best Ear Cuff Ever: Kathleen Whitaker

You can stop looking for that perfect ear cuff now because Kathleen Whitaker nailed it with this design. I've been a super fan of hers forever (those are all posts, btw), because she has the uncanny ability to make the daintiest super fine jewelry look and feel edgy and cool.

I've been wanting this ear cuff for over a year and have blogged about it forever in lieu of actually making it mine (like an idiot!). So despite Kathleen being this bigtime jewelry designer that is blowing up (rightfully so!) she surprised me with a beautiful hand written note about thanking me (me!) for my support throughout the years. To me that kind of humble gratitude for die hard fans is the greatest testament to her work ethic and incredible talent.

Kathleen, thank you so much, I haven't stopped wearing this since I got it.

Friends! Check out Kathleen Whitaker's new site and shop! You won't regret it.

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