Keeping it Simple, Introducing the 12:04:Shop

"New in" is a pretty terrible way to start a blog post, in my opinion. I read blogs to be inspired by a point of view, and while that sure includes photos of new things I'm really more enthralled by the bloggers who show people how to put those hard earned new things to work in real life. Having an out-of-the-box post and then never seeing the new item again is really quite irritating, because I lose the feeling of "realness." Does this make sense to anyone else?

People who spend their time to visit my blog on a daily basis are very important to me, and I want to make sure I do right by your time by making sure I don't get caught up in the more frivolous nature of fashion: the over-spending, shop-'til-you-drop behavior that is pretty easy to fall into. I work a full time job that sometimes demands crazy ass hours, and in those crazy ass hours I feel a need to treat myself. This is where drawing the line between treat and downright overspending gets tricky. Although it's tempting, over-consuming just for the sake of having the latest does not interest me.  Yes, these CĂ©line sandals are my new thing, which came with a hefty self-imposed guilt trip after just spending what I consider a small fortune on Balenciaga boots, but I purchased them with the intention of wearing them with everything. And when I stop wearing them with everything you'll see them up for sale on my shop because I'd rather have someone else enjoy them than having them sit in my closet, gathering dust for months after the initial love affair has passed. 

So my point is the 12:04:SHOP is my "new thing" today, not so much the shoes. And while most items in my closet eventually go to Goodwill,  the more special things like Karen Walker sunglasses and Marc Jacobs shoes I once was obsessed about will go to the shop. 

CELINE   sandals  /  ALL SAINTS   jacket (similar here)  /  WAYNE  dress  /  THIERRY LASRY sunglasses  /  MAY28TH  watch (c/o May28th)


  1. A lot of these well-known bloggers have become completely unrelatable. I think it's really unhealthy if readers aren't aware that these bloggers are more like living advertisements rather than the personal style bloggers they started out as.

    I just started reading your blog recently and I'm so glad I found it. I enjoy seeing personal style of women that work "regular" jobs and have to save for the occasional spendy item.

    1. I'm so glad you found my blog. I most definitely work, and I most definitely scrimp and save. Doesn't mean I can't have fashion, too.



  2. Oye Olga, me gusto mucho tu post pero tengo una pregunta... In regards to the 12:04:SHOP, is there any hope that in the near future that fabulous All Saints jacket might end up at the shop??? Di que si, I really love it and really want it. :)

  3. Hi Olga,
    I love your blog and your point of view on fashion and blogging. It's so much more interesting to read a "real-life" fashion blog run by a working woman who doesn't have an infinite budget. Keep up the great work! :)