Checking in: The Ace Hotel, NYC

The nice thing about checking in to a place like the Ace Hotel is that it feels very familiar to what my life is like in the East Bay. East Bay as in California, all the way across the country. The entire vibe of the place is old school finishes mixed with the modern luxuries of the coolest hipsters (and I mean that word in the best sense possible). The lobby was friendly, stylish, and packed full of people eager sit on the couches, drink a beer, and get lost in the internet. It felt very much like Oakland to me. I think that's why it was so easy to make myself at home, because it just felt like hanging out at one of our friends' house or a my favorite restaurant. As an Art Director I appreciated the designed touches throughout the hotel. Truly, I did. Like the signs on each floor directing people where to go, or the personality infused into something that is typically so banal, like instructions for how to get a fresh new towel. It was all tightly edited and I found myself dressing to fit the part — lots of chambray, suede leathers, and denim came into play where I previously had to intention of wearing. The only thing I had on my person that got more compliments than the decor of the hotel was my Stitch & Hammer wallet, which I'm obsessed with right now. My friend Amy makes them all by hand in Colorado from start to finish. Each piece is meticulously crafted and so perfect for my everyday. Why these aren't sold in every Ace Hotel is truly beyond me, since they have an identical quality, feel and aesthetic.

Check out Stitch & Hammer when you get a chance. I'm in love with the black clutch and my mini wallet. Wait until you get the package in the mail, too. The attention to detail with the branding from concept, to product, to package, is incredible. As an Art Director, I am in love.


  1. Love this place and the article.

  2. It really is an inspiring place isn't it? My favorite part of the hotel would have to be the Stumptown Coffee shop, their cold brew's in a bottle are perfect on a hot day!

    I'm a new follower of your blog and I'm definitely hooked!

    All my best,
    Danielle xx of Moda from Dusk 'til Dawn