Blue Collar

Of all the trends to start implementing from Fall 2013 runway trends I choose the turtleneck. Not simply because it's everywhere on the fall runways, but more because of the personal nostalgia I feel seeing them. I've already waxed poetic about them reminding me of my mom, and it makes me curious to see that the next item I'm waxing poetic about reminds me of both parents.

This frilly version by J. Crew is pretty much a transitional object for me as I experiment with the turtleneck trend instead of my usual collar love affair.  I love how completely over-the-top embellished the collar is, contrasted by the lovely blue cotton fabric of work shirts everywhere. It's a nod to a work ethic and memories of my dad — of the starchy shirts he wore under his ties, and wearing this makes me feel that despite growing up, we are indeed cut from the same cloth because we gravitate towards the same things. I like that. Thank you, fashion for allowing me this thought process. True, I like the drama it infuses into a regular outfit and that this collar makes me feel buttoned up and business-ready, but I tend to think my best and most favorite outfits are the most personal.

You may think, "You're totally over-thinking this, and thus you are ridiculous, Olga," but to me fashion is personal. I gravitate to what feels right to me, what is exciting, and what feels most me, even if that does include a trend or two. 

Wearing: J. CREW embellished collar topJ. CREW cashmere tee, ZARA pants and shoes.

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