A Jenna Lyons Army: J. Crew

Having Jenna Lyons as a muse and Executive Creative Director of J. Crew means that she gets it: people want to dress like her. People like me, who work in office buildings, have a penchant for preppy, and despite the creative freedom in the workplace attire professionalism and dollar signs still rule. A couple seasons ago J. Crew took a turn towards the influential, upping the status of their catalogues, models, styling, and editorials to be cutting edge, aspirational, and becoming completely addicting — similar to what looking at a Jenna Lyons outfit is.  You look at an outfit she has put together and like a Miroslava Duma she mixes high and low fashions to achieve something entirely unique. So looking at these pieces for Spring 2013, the mix and match possibilities are pretty exciting for me already. I can see myself wanting to layer a blazer or printed tops with a little bit of Suno. Playing down the buttoned-up-ness of it all with some slouchy track pants, or grunging it up with some Marc by Marc Jacobs pattern play.

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