DIY Grunge of Marc by Marc Jacobs


Let's be honest, the Marc by Marc Jacobs spring 2013 show is an homage to the grunge girl he introduced in the 90's, but with the colorful and youthful spirit of the Marc by Marc Jacobs line.  Admittedly, the style seems like it's totally nonchalant, and not as refined as other collections, achievable by mix and matching prints from your closet now. Despite this, I'm impressed by the enthusiasm it exudes. The collection is not about taking fashion too seriously, and it is totally wearable, albeit completely casual. It's the homebody's uniform, in my opinion. Pin your hair in a messy bun and throw on a scarfy-turbany thing, and run out to CVS. Low brow? Yes, but low brow is about 20% of my week, and I'm happy that it can look this jovial.

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